A short path runs through the vineyards; the gaze in the wind, looking over there, towards the outline of the Concarena, in Camonica Valley.

Wine, especially in Italy, is the poetry of the land.
Mario Soldati

Our Winery

The massive but discreet winery building beautifully fits in the landscape.

At the court of the Sun

What a feeling: rich vines, proud at the court of the Sun, harmony that spreads a veil of beauty on things.


Happiness, like a fine wine, must be tasted sip by sip.
Ludwig Feuerbach


While visiting, one listens, looks and lets inspiration come.  The sense of a liquid melody which rests in barrels and glass embraces you, surrounded by  a timeless landscape.


The wine tasting with a chalice never draws a straightforward parabola: it paints a magnificent doodle, art and charm at the same time, and it gets right to the centre, every time.

Our wines

If wine is poetry in a bottle, getting inside the Monchieri vinery is getting lost in the scent of gestures.