We are a family-run winery between past and future sharing great respect for the environment.


It was founded by Gian Mario Monchieri and his wife Silvia who share a great respect for nature. In 2008 they decided to contribute to the recovery and enhancement of the land at the foot of the Concarena in Camonica Valley, traditionally a wine growing area.

Eco-friendly attitude

In order to reduce the impact on the environment the building is mainly underground and based on a self-sufficient energy approach, with a system to recycle rain water, built using local material such as wood and stones.


Inside the winery we employed the most modern wine-making techniques for the grapes processing combined with respect of tradition.


Grape varieties

The varieties Merlot, Marzemino and Chardonnay were planted in 2009, and the vineyard was widened in 2012, reaching the present 3 hectares of cultivated land.

This natural charming place hosts the premises, the winery and the vineyard fitting harmoniously in the landscape of the Valley.

Our values

Respect, sustainability and direct relationship with our customers are the basic assumptions we consider for every choice we make.

Environment recovery

We started planting the vineyard recovering an area since years abandoned.

We continued building the winery beautifully embedded in the sloping land, using local material, becoming nearly autonomous in terms of energy and water supply.

Tradition and innovation

The agronomic and oenological choices are respectful of environmental sustainability and safeguard the peculiarities, aromas and tastes of the local vine varieties.

We stick to tradition but we keep up with modern wine-making techniques.

Legati alla tradizione ma con una continua attenzione alle nuove metodiche.

Come and visit us

We want to establish a mutually enriching relationship with our customers, with wine as starting point and common thread.

It is possible to book and visit the processing rooms and to taste wines served with local products.


Monchieri winery conforms to “Consorzio Volontario di Tutela del Vino a Indicazione Geografica Tipica” (a voluntary association to guarantee the wine quality and designated typical origin) sharing the objectives and making efforts to protect and enhance our land.